Don’t miss out on Valley of Terror’s most popular attraction: the Zombie Safari. Be the first to ride in the back of a forty-foot military truck stocked with twenty-two individual and bolted down paintball guns. Each rider gets his or her own gun. The goal? Don’t let the zombies over run your truck! Both left side and right side must work together to shoot our live zombies and other positioned and moving targets to keep them away from the truck. A drill sergeant will instruct, insult, and encourage your truck throughout the entire ride. Each person will receive 125 paintballs to last them through out the ride. Paintballs are included in the ticket price. No personal balls or guns will be permitted on the ride. ON SATURDAY NIGHTS THIS EVENT MAY SELL OUT BY 9:30 p.m so be sure to purchase your tickets early!

This ride has no age restrictions but please note that if a child is under the age of twelve they must be accompanied by a participating (and paying) adult guardian.




Enter our forest in groups of 4-5, for an unguided and unlit stroll with sounds, smells, and a feeling a fear you won’t soon forget. Around each corner spider webs lay across your face and arms, cold hands emerge from below, creatures jump out disrupting your path, and your mind begins playing tricks on you as you soon start to believe there’s no way out. Are you willing to make the journey through the unknown?

This ride has no age restrictions but for fright level we suggest an adult accompany anyone under the age of 12.

Please Note

If you are asthmatic please be certain to bring your inhaler as a precaution. Fog Machines and Fire Effects within our attractions may affect or irritate asthmatic symptoms.

Valley of Terror uses strobe lights and special effects within our attractions so please be warned if you are epileptic or unable to handle these types of special effects

Valley of Terror is not responsible for personal items lost or damaged within the attractions. Please secure all cell phones, purses, clothing, shoes, and personal items before entering our attractions.

Valley of Terror’s is entirely outdoors on a farm. All attractions on site are outdoors. Please plan to dress accordingly.

Valley of Terror reserves the right to close one of the attractions early for the night or not open it entirely.