Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have special discounts or offers?
Yes. On our flyers there is a $5.00 off coupon for Sundays only used on a single combo ticket or a single attraction ticket. Military, fireman, or policeman receive $6.00 off a combo ticket with ID. Anyone with a physical disability may enjoy our attraction at no cost.

Do you supply the equipment for the paintball ride or do we have to bring our own?
Yes, we supply the guns, paintballs, and eye protection. All you need is yourself!

If I buy tickets online do I still need to get tickets at the ticket booth?
No, but bring your printed ticket to both attractions

Is it scary for young children?
The “Gateway to Hell” walk through is very scary and meant for an older crowd (i.e. middle school and up). The “zombie Safari” is fun for all ages. Not too bad when you get to shoot down the scary zombies!

Do you accommodate wheelchair and/or handicap people?
Yes. The Zombie Safari can accommodate, if you don’t mind our staff helping you on and off the truck. The Gateway to Hell walk through has a lot of up and down hills, winding spaces, etc. is not suitable for a wheelchair.

Do you have food there?
Yes, there is food. The food hut serves a variety of food including, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries, chips, hot chocolate, tea, funnel cakes, and much more!

Is there any places to sit?
Yes, there are several picnic benches for sitting.

What are your ticket prices?
Our zombie safari is $25 per person, our gateway to hell walk through is $20 per person, our combo ticket is $38, and our VIP ticket is $56.

What does VIP include?
The VIP ticket shorter lines for both attractions.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes we do.

How long are the attractions?
The zombie safari is about 16-20 minutes and the gateway to hell is about 20-25 minutes.

When is the best time to come?
The ticket booth opens at 5:30 and will close between 9:30 and 10:30 depending on how crowded we are. It is good to get here between 6-6:30 on our busy weekend so you can hop in line and be the first to go when we get rolling!

Are you guys the Marlborough Valley Corn Maze?

And what do you have this year?
We are going to have a kiddy corn maze – no charge. It is free to enter. We will have a hayride and it is $4 per person. We have a corn gun cannon that is 2 shots for $1. We have a petting zoo at no charge and we will have pumpkins you can pick/buy. The food hut will also be open with snacks, food, and refreshments.

Do zombies shoot back?

Are my tickets good all season?
Yes, online or onsite tickets are valid for all of our 2015 season.